Is Anybody Paying Attention to History?

From Watergate to Hitler’s rise to power, the last two years have created the urge to spend more time on YouTube than I would ever dream of experiencing.
So far, the only thing missing from our current political drama is a John Dean moment where everything is laid out so that all that is left is proving he wasn’t lying.

You have to give Trump credit. He has managed to turn the Grand Old Party into a group of disciples reminiscent of the Emperor’s New Clothes or maybe the kool-aid drinkers. If you’re Republican and don’t agree with him, your days in the GOP are numbered.

Does anyone remember how Hitler eradicated the Fourth Estate? How is Trump’s attempt at labeling any news sources besides FOX any different? However, Trump isn’t the progenitor for such an idea. Remember, President Nixon considered the creation of a news media that only reflected the views of the Republican Party.

Spend some free time watching the Watergate hearings and the rise of Hitler on YouTube and the History Channel and see if you don’t develop a feeling of deja vu!


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